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Hi, I'm Cynthia

I am a survivor of Teen Dating Violence, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault who has shared my story with audiences across the United States since 2007.

I will tell you that I was not a willing participant in sharing my most intimate and shameful life experiences; however, facing circumstances beyond my control, I now realize that speaking out was the start of my journey to healing, reconciling my past and taking my life back with no apologies.

My story was “high profile” by all standards and attracted media attention due to its nature. Having had these experiences, I decided to highly privatize my life and leave the public sphere. Over many years of public silence only deciding to share my story privately with confidants—family members, faith communities, close friends and colleagues—I was empowered to again start speaking publicly in an effort to advocate on behalf of others whom my story and advocacy will help.

Personal details of my experiences involving fear, abuse and, many times, victim-blaming, have allowed my mission to be even more influential and of greater purpose.

Simply stated, I was a victim who became a survivor. Now I am a warrior on the issues of domestic abuse and violence.

I share my expertise on what it is like to be a victim and survivor of domestic violence with physical, mental and emotional scars to various conferences, seminars, workshop audiences which include victims and survivors of domestic violence, advocates, law enforcement, legal and medical professionals, mental health providers and therapists, counselors, and university and college students. I also conduct military personnel training regarding domestic violence. My authenticity has been described as remarkable. I explain the perils of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) that military personnel experience when returning from a war zone as well as victims who are diagnosed with PTSD. I was severely injured, suffered serious head trauma and was not immediately hospitalized nor did I receive medical attention. I was arrested instead and spent a night in the local jail where other inmates administered treatment for my injuries.

After seeking counseling and therapy to survive victim-blaming through the midst of adversity, I transformed my tragic circumstances into an opportunity to establish ground on all forms of domestic violence that are often overlooked, such as verbal, mental, economic, spiritual, stalking and emotional abuse. With more vocation and not only speaking of the details and the realities of domestic violence, I made it my mission to be a vessel of support and healing to women, men and children affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.

I received professional training from Office For Victims of Crime, Training and Technical Assistance Center on the issues of domestic violence, sexual assault and public speaking by InterAct, a Wake County nonprofit agency that provides free and confidential services, community awareness and professional training to the community at large including victims and survivors.

I have also completed training in victims’ rights, victim compensation, sexual assault, types of victim services, ethical issues and practical strategies for working with elder abuse victims, domestic and sexual violence in later life, teen relationship abuse, stalking, property crime, intimate partner violence, identity theft, human trafficking, hate and bias crimes, child abuse, cyber fraud, advocacy, assessing victims’ needs, conflict management and negotiation, confidentiality, collaboration, the criminal justice system, the civil justice system, trauma informed care,  self-care, referrals, problem solving, documentation, culture, diversity and inclusion, and crisis intervention.

I am a motivational speaker, encouraging others throughout the United States. My audiences include faith leaders, counselors, victims’ advocates, law enforcement, medical professionals and other service providers. I have spoken at conferences, professional trainings and public events sponsored by North Carolina Department of Justice, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations, North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Calvary Church Raleigh, the Virginia Conference for Law Enforcement Government, the Dallas, Texas Strangulation Conference and the Virginia Faith-Based Community. Media interviews included The Raleigh News and Observer, Charlotte News and Observer, WTVD Raleigh, ABC 11 News Raleigh, ABC News Charlotte and WQDR Radio Station, Raleigh.

I have served as an expert witness in domestic violence cases, as needed, and sit as a director for charity in Charles City County, Virginia. I am a minister and mother of one daughter.


“Transformational Life Coach Cynthia Morton On Her Journey From Domestic Violence Victim to Domestic Violence Educator” ~
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